Vishwajit Patel Knows What He Wants

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

He talks about Indian food, giving back, and wanting to be in the export industry

Vishwajit Patel is a 21 year old Masters of International Business student who was born in Pune, India. He has an undergraduate degree from MITSOM in Pune, India.

"I have personally experienced that and it's the best feeling in the world."

Q: Has MBS changed your outlook on what you want to do with your career?

A: It has steered me towards my goal of becoming an Exporter based in India. It has also helped me to develop a foundation for providing internships to graduate students in India, through the case competitions.

Q: Growing up, would you ever believe you would be living in Australia?:

A: Never. I had planned to pursue my Masters from UK. But Brexit forced me to choose Australia over UK.

Q: What philosophies or mantras help guide you?

A: Tony Robbins' philosophy, "The Secret to Living is Giving". I have personally experienced that and it is the best feeling in the world (Helping someone by giving something that you have in abundance, while they don't have it)

Q: What have you learned about yourself being so far from home?

A: Numerous things. My preference for Bollywood movies, my willingness to learn about new cultures and languages, being independent, and many more things.

Q: What’s something people wouldn’t know about where you grew up?

A: The amazing food dish called "Misal". There is a restaurant named "Masala Craft" in Thornbury, Melbourne which serves that dish!

Q: How does your native society value education?

A: There is still the orthodox thinking of "why do an MBA, when you want to end up in the family business?" However, that is changing since the last decade.

"I am trying to master this Art. I believe that this concept is suitable in most Asian business settings."

Q: How do you find balance in the busy world of graduate studies?

A: Practice!

Q: What’s a culture that MBS has encouraged you to learn more about?

A: The Chinese culture. Professors and students have been talking about the art of "Guanxi" in numerous lectures. I am trying to practice and Master this art, as I believe that this concept is suitable in most Asian business settings.

Q: Do you make plans? Where do you see yourself in 1 year? 3 years?

A: In 1 year, I see myself working for an export oriented company, learning the knitty gritty of the trade. In 3 years, I see myself running my own Exports Company based in India

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