Sumit Paatni is a Community Man

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Sumit Paatni is a 22 year old Masters of International Business student from Ichalkaranji in Maharashtra, India. He completed his bachelors of business management (International Business) from the University of Pune in Pune, India.

"People close to me know very well how much this Australian adventure means to me."

Q: What’s something people wouldn’t know about where you grew up?

A: I hail from a small town called Ichalkaranji in the Kolhapur district in the state of Maharashtra. It’s one of the premier textile centers in the country. It’s is also famous for the authentic spicy Kolhapuri food.

Q: How does your native society value education?

A: My society values education a lot but it’s not in the top priority to be honest. Most of the people are engaged in family businesses and they teach their children the business basics during their upbringing thereby not prioritising on quality education.

Q: Growing up, would you ever believe you would be living in Australia?

A: Growing up, I never quite thought that I will be in Australia. I still remember all those “last pages of my notebooks” flooded with harbour bridge of Sydney and Melbourne sketches. I had come to Melbourne for a short study tour during my bachelors and it was then that the idea of pursuing my masters here enthralled me. I’m very grateful to my parents for their affirmation of my desire. People close to me know very well how much this “Australian adventure” means to me.

Q: What philosophies or mantras help guide you?

A: Integrity is everything. Life to me is about being empathetic. We rise by lifting others.

"I'm going to cherish these little pleasures forever"

Q: What have you learned about yourself being so far from home?

A: I have become self sustained and there’s so much positivity. Sure there are a few depressing times but that makes me value my family even more now.

Q: Recently your family was here to visit, what was it like having them in Melbourne for a bit?

A: My mum wanted to see me on my birthday and she was unwell too. It was really special having them here and it’s my most memorable birthday ever. They loved the weather and cleanliness and efficient transport here (just like all Indians do). I still remember papa asking me to work here before getting back home since he loved the atmosphere and found me to be comfortable here.

Q: What's it like being a part of the Indian community here in Melbourne?

A: I personally feel everyone’s really friendly here. But the Indian community in particular is in big number now. They are friends like family away from home. The best part is celebrating all of the festivities together. I mean I wouldn’t really have been the part of “Durga Pooja” back home. I’m so glad that I get to meet people from different cultures from my own country. The world’s a small place! I’m going to cherish these little pleasures forever...

Of course, it does make life easier! Some friends teach me cooking while other share some valuable life experiences. You see, you always feel secure when you are a part of a happy community.

Q: What’s a culture that MBS has encouraged you to learn more about?

A: The open mindedness and the ability to balance work and life aptly is what I want to learn more about!

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Q: How do you find balance in the busy world of graduate studies?

A: I’m still trying to find that balance actually. It’s a learning process

Q: Has MBS changed your outlook on what you want to do with your career?

A: Well, I didn't quite know what I’m gonna do for my career before coming here. This place is paving my way to good ambitions.

. Q: Do you make plans? Where do you see yourself in a few years?

A: Yes. I plan. I see myself learning the basic insights of the export/import business in a year. In 3 years I see myself assisting my father to expand his business internationally, I see myself learning new things with him.

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