Parinaaz Mistry Has Her Priorities in Order

Parinaaz Mistry is a 23 year old Masters of Management (Marketing) student from Mumbai, India. She completed her undergraduate degree of Business Management Studies in Mumbai.

"Your thoughts, words and deeds define you."

Q: You are from Mumbai, what was it like growing up there?

A: Growing up in Mumbai was a bliss. Life in Mumbai was very different than it is here (in Melbourne). Growing up in Mumbai taught me how to value humans. I absolutely love the street food in Mumbai. For me personally Mumbai is all about friends and family. I have so many fond memories of Mumbai, it is a city that never sleeps. Growing up there taught me how to be patient, with the traffic everyday it can take you 20 minutes to travel one kilometre. The people in Mumbai are extremely welcoming and comforting and will never let you feel like an outsider. You can make family in a day in Mumbai. Everyone is always ready and happy to help. I also like the luxuries available in Mumbai.

Q: What's a phrase or saying you like in your native language?

A: "Humata Hukhta Huvarshta" means Divine Thoughts, Divine Words and Divine Deeds. This phrase is also mentioned in our prayers and I feel it is quite insightful. These words might seem too cliche but in our daily hustle we sometimes forget about these three cliched words. But I feel, your thoughts, words and deeds define you. Not just for yourself but others too, the least you can do to contribute in this world and society is by preaching good words, deeds and thoughts.

Q: Dance & jewellery design are two of your hobbies, how did you get into those?

A: I have always liked dancing. Dancing is something that makes me happy and is one of the my favourite hobbies. As a kid I used to go for dance classes and perform in a lot of shows. I never missed an opportunity to participate in the school/college dance competitions. I was also very good and interested in designing. I would often doodle and draw and sketch and since my father is a diamond consultant he saw the prospect of me working with him some day in the future. Hence he suggested me to join and learn jewellery design. I have pursued my diploma in jewellery design. I really enjoyed it but I wanted to explore more and hence my education did not end there. I am still more than happy to design but I would not call it my ultimate career goal.

"I love the fact that in marketing there is never one "correct" answer."

Q: Why did you choose to come to Melbourne University?

A: I sent an application to three universities - University College of Dublin (Ireland), University of Melbourne & Monash University. Lucky enough, I received an offer letter from all three. However, UCD had a September intake and due to some circumstances it was difficult for me to be in Ireland so soon. Australia is the only place with a February intake and since I got in, in the best I decided to accept my offer and head to Melbourne.

Q: You're studying masters of marketing, what excites you about marketing as a discipline?

A: Anything I can learn about marketing is never enough. Marketing is just so interesting for me that I always want to learn more and gain more knowledge. In my opinion, it is not something monotonous, there's so much to it and you can never know enough. I love the fact that in marketing there is never one "correct" answer. And also marketing keeps changing with time and is not constant. For example, in accounting there's only one way to fill a ledger but marketing is so wide and consumers and trends are constantly changing, hence there's always something new.

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Q: What have you enjoyed about UniMelb the most in your two years?

A: I absolutely love the way they teach us theories and concepts with practical examples. And I love the cross cultural exposure. I also just love the campus - it is absolutely beautiful.

Q: What will you take away from your time at UniMelb?

A: To be honest - TIME MANAGEMENT ! My time at UniMelb has also made me more independent. Of course, academically I have learned a lot more than what I had prior knowledge of. Leaving academics and teaching aside, I have grown as a person. I have made whom I will cherish eternally. My time at UniMelb has given me the push I needed. Most important my time at UniMelb has taught me not to undermine myself. I had the tendency to think of myself as inferior and I would look upon people. I would feel sad about the things I was not aware of or the knowledge of skill I lacked. But what i forgot was skill and knowledge I had that others did not. Now instead of feeling bad about what I don't know, I am confident to showcase what I know and what I'm good at. "Some people are good at some things and some people aren't, you might be bad at one things but you're the best at another" is what I've learned and come to peace with.

"I want to live a very simple life filled with peace and joy"

Q: How do you manage your time (without your people from home to help you)?

A: I wish I had a choice. I just prioritise things that are unavoidable and important. I am person who likes to take things slowly and I deal with it when it's the right time and about time. I am more of a "go with the flow" person but that does not mean I'm laid back. I have my priorities straight in my mind and attend to the things that are important at that particular moment. So if I am not doing something that needs to be attended, it probably means it's not my priority or its not important to me.

Q: What are the best things about Melbourne to you?

A: I wish climate was one of them. The standard of living, which is higher than back in my home country. I also like the work life balance that people can have in Melbourne. I also really like the variety of food available here. One other thing I really like about Melbourne is that everything is way more systematic than back in India.

Q: What are your five favourite restaurants in Melbourne?

The Lui Bar

The Universal Restaurant


Gami Chicken

Hunky Dory

Q: Looking ahead, where do you see yourself in the next three years?

A: The next three years is pretty short term for me and I am someone who sets realistic goals. Hence, I would say that in the next three years I see myself doing a 9-5 job (I would be more than happy to work in a marketing firm but I am open to exploring as well), enjoying my weekends, hopefully I will have a boyfriend by then. Alongside I definitely want to travel as and when I get the time and can afford it. I want to live a very simple life filled with peace and joy, nothing extraordinary. In the next coming years my priority will definitely be my career because I want to be monetarily independent. I am not someone who has an A-Z plan for my life, I believe and live in the present and take each day as it comes because if it doesn't go according to my plan I would be disheartened.