Liz Wu Is Preparing Herself For The Future

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

The student discusses the value of education in China, and competition in business school

Liz Wu is a 22 year old Masters of Marketing student from Anhui, China. She completed her undergraduate degree at Anhui University with a degree in business administration.

"Education is regarded as a certificate for your future"

Q: What’s something people wouldn’t know about where you grew up?

A: We eat ginger almost everyday as an appetizer. We pickle ginger in many ways, amongst most popular ones are sweet taste and soybean salty taste.

Q: Growing up, would you ever believe you would be living in Australia?

A: Not really, I never thought of going abroad to study until high school. Although I enjoyed a lot of the study life here, due to the the big culture difference, I may not want to live here for the rest of my life.

Q: What philosophies or mantras help guide you?

A: Always learn from your mistakes, respect others and don’t judge.

Q: What have you learned about yourself being so far from home?

A: I learned that I might not be good at dealing with loneliness. When I was in my hometown I had a lot of friends, but here I couldn’t get many. So I kind of rely on my best friends here too much compared to when I was before, and I cherish my family members more and talk to them more frequently.

"The study experience here is like a warmup case to get you prepared for future jobs."

Q: How does your native society value education?

A: Really high. For those students who don’t have a decent degree from top universities from 211 league and 985 league in China, they kind of have a disadvantage. When companies hire students, they even set different requirements to students from different universities. Education is regarded as a certificate for your future.

Q: Has MBS changed your outlook on what you want to do with your career?

A: Yes. I want to do marketing data analysis jobs so I chose this major, but sadly found out this major (marketing management ) does not contain many subjects based on business data. I felt marketing area is pretty competitive and most times u need to speak up, I felt like this does not suit me well, I may learn more about data analysis by myself outside school.

Q: How do you find balance in the busy world of graduate studies?

A: Set time schedules. Every week should have a new one. Follow the schedule as much as possible, sometimes can make changes but I try hard to make everything allocated to that week done by that Sunday.

Q: What’s a culture that MBS has encouraged you to learn more about?

A: Competition in the business field definitely. The study experience here is like a warm-up case to get you prepared for future jobs. You need to speak up, make efforts and let others know what you have done. Besides, the team work forced you to learn how to cooperate better and solve arguments.

Q: Do you make plans? Where do you see yourself in 1 year? 3 years?

A: Yes, sort of. In one year I will get my master degree, in three years I will be struggling to find jobs and frequently change jobs in order to survive. I probably can not do something I like, but my career life will become more and more clear to myself, the experience that I had in these three years will lead me to the expectant jobs progressively.

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