Ivana Wutami Is Looking to Combine Network & Knowledge

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

She talks about adjusting to Melbourne, being self aware, and maximizing her effort

Ivana Wutami is a 22 year old Masters of Information Systems student from Jakarta, Indonesia. She also completed her undergraduate degree from The University of Melbourne.

"I didn't know anyone and had to do everything myself."

Q: Is there any philosophy that describes your outlook on life? How did you come to that philosophy?

A: Do your best and God will do the rest - This is because I was brought up in a Chinese, Christian family Q: What is the biggest adjustment you had to make when you came to Melbourne?

A: In Indonesia, I had people I can rely on to do chores (didn’t really need to think about/do these things) but when I moved here, especially in the beginning, I didn’t know anyone and I had to do everything myself - washing clothes, cleaning my room, etc. I struggled a little in managing my time between schoolwork and other things

Q: What do you want to get out of UoM by the time you’ve finished your degree?

A: Network and Knowledge (academics and non-academics ie. the “how to’s” in life) Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: In Indonesia, most probably, either working for MNC in finance/accounting or starting my own business

"To always put effort in everything I do so that in future I would to be able to do what I love and succeed in that field"

Q: Who is a person you’ve met recently who inspired you?

A: Not recent, always been my mom - she’s a very strong, fair, wise figure in my eyes and she’s always been my role model ever since I was young Q: What’s a phrase or quote or saying you like from your native country (in your native language) and why is it important to you?

A: Semut di seberang lautan tampak, gajah di pelupuk mata tak tampak - an ant across the sea is visible yet an elephant in front of your eyes is not - means that you can easily see other people’s flaws but not your own - reminds me that I have to look at myself/my flaws first before I can even think of criticising other people

Q: One word that describes you best

A: Chill Q: What does your family and friends expect from you?

A: To be a healthy, caring and successful individual Q: What do you expect from yourself?

A: To always put effort in everything I do so that in future I would to be able to do what I love and succeed in that field

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