Iraaj Gupta is Going with the Flow

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Iraaj Gupta is a 24 year old Masters of International Business student from New Delhi, India. He completed his bachelor of commerce degree from the University of Delhi.

"What's more important for me is to never stop trying to improve and better myself."

Q: Tell us about your hometown...What makes it special in your eyes?

A: My hometown, New Delhi, is the capital city of incredible India. Most of its residents, including me, end up having a love-hate relationship with the city, But its charming culture, food and quirks act as a magnet the pull you back towards it. What makes it special to me personally though is my family, friends, my dog Toby and home cooked Indian meals!

Q: What’s a phrase or saying in your native country (and language) and why is it important to you?

A: I really like the phrase “के शब्द मूल” which has a similar meaning to the famous phrase carpe diem. It means enjoy the present without worrying about the future. I only realised this connection after watching Dead Poets Society, which also happens to be one of my all-time favourite movies.

Another popular saying in India is “Be the change you want to see in the world” said by Mahatma Gandhi. I know this saying may be a bit of a cliché, but its important as it helps me remain calm and understand my own shortcomings and work on them before i get unhappy or frustrated with others.

Q: How does your native society value education?

A: It is a well known fact across the world that Indian parents are quite strict when it comes to education. It’s definitely not like in the memes, but I would say it’s not just the parents, but our society in general that values education, especially if it comes from a highly renowned University like the University of Melbourne. I have automatically gained far more respect and recognition back home by just getting enrolled and studying at this University, and that too pursuing a Masters degree in my field of work.

Q: Describe yourself in 3 words

A: Intuitive. Loyal. Easy-going.

"It also gives me the ability and skills required to maneuver through and succeed in different business environments once I graduate."

Q: Why Australia for your masters degree?

A: Australia was my first choice, even though I had applied to universities in Europe and the US. I wanted to go to the University of Melbourne in particular, because the specifications of the degree resonated with me the most. In addition, the high ranking of the university, the cultural diversity in Melbourne and the ‘liveability’ aspect made it an easy decision for me.

Q: What will a degree from the University of Melbourne mean to you?

A: My UniMelb degree is more than just an educational qualification to me. It means expanding my opportunities in my career path and opening new doors. It also means being able to confidently present myself to my future employers, knowing in the back of my mind that I've studied at the best business school in Australia. It also gives me the ability and skills required to maneuver through and succeed in different business environments once I graduate.

Q: What is something MBS has encouraged you to get involved in?

A: I’ve always been a bit of an introvert, to me having a small set of close friends was a good enough way to live my life before i enrolled in the MBS. Being at the MBS has taught me to avoid seeing anyone as a stranger, and i've learnt that each individual has the ability to add value to my life. Thus, I have become more outgoing, I enjoy every single event, be it social or intellectual, and have made many friends from around the world.

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Q: What's next for you after UniMelb? Where do you see yourself in 1 year? 3 years?

A: In one year i will already have graduated, so my first target would be to find a full time job here in Melbourne. At this stage of my career I'm not picky about it, as long as it's business-related. In the longer term, my goal is to be an entrepreneur, I have a few business ideas in mind and often look to my peers as well as my dad for advice. I will start planning for this after graduating and maybe after 3 years I will look to start a business. Whether this will be in Melbourne or back home in New Delhi, only time will tell!

Q: Is there a philosophy you follow? How did you come to that one?

A: My philosophy is to go with the flow, and take one step at a time as long as i'm moving in the right direction. I realised that i'm not overly ambitious in my goals, and that that’s okay. What's more important for me is to never stop trying to improve and better myself.

Q: Who is someone that’s recently inspired you? What did they inspire you to do?

A: Since childhood i have been hugely into sports (watching more than playing) and I my take inspiration from sportspersons. Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team (who is also from Delhi), has always inspired me. He has inspired me to work harder than I used to, be more proactive, and take more responsibility.

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