Diving Deep With Fernanda Jáuregui

Fernanda Jáuregui is a 25 year old Masters of Management (Marketing) from Santiago, Chile. She completed her bachelors degree in Business Administration & Management from La Universidad de Chile.

"This phrase represents me 100% because I always try to give the best of me in everything I do and without hesitating."

Q: Tell us about your hometown, what makes Santiago special to you?

A: I was born and raised in Santiago, which is the capital city of Chile. This incredibly beautiful city is full of life and being able to see the Andes Mountains from every corner of the city is just breathtaking. One of my favourite things is that in only one hour you can be hiking in the mountains, or visiting the lakes, taking a glass of wine in the vineyards and in one hour and a half you can be enjoying the beach. Santiago has been growing over the years, and now it is one of the most exciting capitals of Latin America, since it has many things to do like festivals, outdoor activities, cuisines from all over the world, and it has an interesting history and culture that is worth knowing. For me it is very special because I feel that the city invites you to do new things every day. The sense of belonging you feel in Santiago with the many parks, bars and other locations make it an amazing city to spend time with your family and closest friends.

Q: Who are some of the biggest influences in your life? What have they taught you?

A: I would say three people are my most significant sources of inspiration. My mother, with her infinite wisdom, always taught me to observe before acting. My dad who is the smartest person I know and he’s all life is about self-improvement; he taught me that passion and commitment are the keys for being successful in any area of your life. And my grandfather who was a great example of resilience and optimism, taught that there is only one life and we have to enjoy it.

Q: What’s a phrase in your native language that you like? What does it mean to you?

A: One of my favourite Chilean popular expressions and I use it all the time is "hay que darlo todo!”. The translation in English (give your best) wouldn’t have the same meaning only because when you say it, it has a particular intonation that makes it a great phrase. This phrase represents me 100% because I always try to give the best of me in everything I do and without hesitating.

"I began to dive more often, and it became an incredible passion and a source of deep relaxation."

Q: Scuba diving is a passion of yours, how did you get involved in that?

A: Everything started because I travelled and dove without a license many times. So I had to watch the same introductory video and listen to the same instructions more than ten times . Then one day I decided that I wanted to have the certificate to avoid having to go through the same classes over and over again. Over the years, I discovered it was one of my sources of stress release. Sports have always been an essential part of my life since I was five years old, and in particular, have played volleyball has to do with a significant part of who I am today. But when I started to work at L'Oréal, it stopped being one of my priorities and I got focused on the work (big error, never do that!). However, when I got certified by PADI, I began to dive more often, and it became an incredible passion and a source of deep relaxation. It was like this; I started going every weekend I could go to the beach, just to be underwater and enjoy nature after having worked hard all week and being locked in a gym [training] for many years.

Q: What are some of your favourite places you have been for diving?

A: I would say that every dive site has its own beauty, but Galápagos (Ecuador), Los Molles (Chile) and South West Rocks (Australia) have been my favourites so far. The Galapagos has incredible marine life as it is the location of one of the biggest clean stations in the world. It is so impressive and breath-taking that at the end of each dive, I left grateful to be able to see such beautiful scenery. Los Molles has special magic, an energy that is not found everywhere. This beach is located next to one of the most beautiful landscapes of Chile and, in only a few kilometres has more than 20 dive sites. As it is situated in a rocky area, makes the underwater landscape as the same style, creating a place that is very entertaining to dive. And finally, South West Rocks was a big surprise. It is a place that is not very accessible and requires several minutes by boat to get to the dive site. The scenery is amazing because it is in front of a national park (one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen in my life). It is a place full of marine life, especially of Grey Nurse Sharks, combined with a rocky landscape that creates an exciting cave to dive and that is full of different aquatic creatures in its interior.

Q: What’s it like being deep in the ocean for hours at a time? What have you learned through those experiences?

A: Last year I got the certification of the first level of technical diving course with which I was able to do dives for 1 hour and a half in 40 meters (130 feet). This type of diving is different from recreational, which includes many more risks, technique and more concentration. However, it is completely worth it to spend more time underwater, to enjoy marine life beauty and the indescribable silence. Since I love challenges, this course was one of them but which includes risks that I had never experienced before. What these experiences have left me is that you have to be continually training, not only to master the management of the equipment but also to improve your physical condition (breathing) and your mind. Being down there and knowing that anything can happen if you do not meet your planning 100%, it has been a huge challenge to train my mind and stay focused.

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Photos courtesy of Fernanda's diving adventures around the world.

Locations (clockwise) - Australia, Ecuador, Chile.

"It challenges you every day because the beauty-retail market moves quickly all the time"

Q: You worked with L’Oreal after your undergraduate degree...what was your role with them and how did you enjoy that time working?

A: I worked at L'Oréal for two and a half years, where I started as a marketing intern at Urban Decay. Then I was hired in the marketing trainee for the Kiehl's team, and later I was Product Manager for Urban Decay and Lancôme in the fragrance category. Without a doubt, it was a great experience, from which I obtained many personal and professional learnings. Working for this company was very exciting, as it allows you to think outside the box and create your own proposals. It challenges you every day because the beauty-retail market moves quickly all the time, which makes you stay involved and up-to-date in the business. Despite the intense work environment, it was an incredible experience because you really get to know to your team, of whom until today I have great friends.

Q: How did you decide to come to graduate school, and why Australia/UniMelb?

A: From high school, I always had the desire to live abroad, but as my priority before was my studies and sports, I never planned it in a serious way. However, there was a moment at work that I thought I have to live this experience now or never, because I saw that my career was starting to ascend. So, the best way (excuse) to leave my country was to study a masters so that it would also help me to continue building my career. Australia became my first option immediately because I had never travelled to this part of the world, and because I could keep practising diving. Then, after doing some research, I saw that UniMelb was the best university in the country and it also had the master that I was interested in. Finally, what helped me to close this decision was that one of my best friends from Chile, who came here in 2015 to an exchange to the Law’s Faculty of Unimelb, told me that this city would completely fit with my personality and with my interests. Thus, this program was the only one that I apply to, and later I only said to myself, that if it’s meant to be, it will be. Now here I am in the second semester of my master, looking forward to succeed in the GBP in Shanghai.

Q: Give us your top three places in Melbourne

A: This is a hard question since I have found many interesting places in Melbourne. Although, I love to see the sunset in Docklands, as the contrast between the sea, the boats and the buildings make this scenery absolutely gorgeous. Also, I like to take bike rides near the beach since it is an easy ride and you can enjoy the view (as you can see everything is related to the sea so far haha). And finally, I really enjoy going to every rooftop in the city -or the closest suburbs from the CBD- because I think there’s nothing better to spend great time with friends while you are watching this breath-taking view of the city.

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