About us

Peers of Melbourne University was started as a way to help tell the stories of our incredibly deep and diverse set of students from around the world. With only so many hours in the day and a demanding schedule, it can be difficult to learn about your classmates. Peers of Melbourne University is a peer-to-peer interviewing platform to help enhance your student experience. This site will serve to share perspectives, backgrounds, and motivations of our peers in the hopes of connecting people from different programs, networks, and communities. 

the founders


Master of Management

Bonjour, je m’appelle Maud. I was born in a small town south of France and was raised in the countryside, in a wine region, with my horses and my dogs, dreaming about the city and being a grown up. There were always two sides in me: the studious girl, always top of her class, that wants to make her parents proud; and the artist that wants to live her dreams, travel and photograph the world.


I had the chance of travelling at a very young age, mostly in Africa since my mom lives there, but also in the US since I was raised both in French and English, having met my American step-mom at 4. My brothers now live in London and Seattle, and my dad between the US and France. This crazy international family allows me to call many places home, as we all know home is a feeling, rather than a place.


At 17, I moved to Grenoble in the French Alps, where I studied a Private Law degree as well as an Applied Foreign Languages degree and spend my weekends skiing. Whilst doing a criminal law internship in Sydney, I visited Melbourne, fell in love with this city, decided to move here and have never been happier in my life since I took that decision. I met people that changed my life forever, and one of them is Matt, whom I share the Peers Of UniMelb’s adventure with. We wanted to combine our interest for digital business and our desire to build more bridges among students in a spirit of building a community. A community among which people would inspire their fellow students with their stories and their philosophies. A community representing the dozens of countries, cultures and languages that the University of Melbourne harbours. Most of all, a community that strives to succeed and make the world a better place. I don’t know where my journey will take me next, but I am sure that the stories and the humility I’ve heard from our Peers of Unimelb will resonate in my decisions forever.


Master of International Business

Hello hello. I'm Matthew Cox, a curious guy from the Bay Area, California. I was fortunate to grow up in one of the most beautiful parts of the United States and travel a lot in my youth. Sports like soccer, basketball & baseball also make up a large part of my upbringing. I was always a curious kid, more curious about the people and things that make up our world than the textbook curriculum in school at times.


My undergraduate experience happened at the University of Southern California, where I studied communications & journalism at one of the worlds leading institutes. While studying I also played on the University soccer club, where I had some amazing memories. 


After my undergraduate degree I moved back to the Bay Area, where I pursued an industry passion of mine; Retail. Working for a few of the biggest names in the US retail scene, I discovered a passion, but also a realization that I needed to know more. That led my decision to return to graduate school. 


My partner and I moved to Melbourne in 2016, and I decided after half a year that this was the kind of city I wanted to learn in. The diversity, the culture & spirit of the city captivated me. Fast forward a few years and I'm in the last semester of the International Business degree. What a ride it has been, and I'm so glad that we get to share amazing stories of our peers with this community. Cheers


Peers of UniMelb serves to increase the connectivity of our campus

and gain insights to the people we share the space with. 

what we strive for

we want to use the power of storytelling in a fun and engaging way. if we can strengthen the UniMelb community and build curiosity and understanding, we have done our job. 


how we see it

we want to supplement the human connections students are already making at UniMelb. peers will be a destination where people can learn, engage and share their perspective.

Read. Learn. Contribute.